What color are the flowers?

As summer and now autumn comes to a close, I can’t help thinking about flowers because they are so beautiful and because I always watch for them. I don’t grow them in either a garden or vases because it wouldn’t be nice to start anything and then watch them die. Because that’s what would happen if I was the grower.

But that’s another post. Today I’m thinking about the flowers I’ve seen this past summer and what kind of flowers they were. So now you learn about me and flowers.

I don’t know their names beyond roses and tulips because they are easy to identify. Other than those two, I pretty much categorize flowers by color.

Pink mostly in the spring. Red and yellow in the summer. Blue at odd times of the year. Orange — there are a surprising lot of orange flowers, aren’t there — in the autumn, though purple is also common in autumn. White in the very early spring, other than that you don’t see many white flowers.

I’m not sure this is a bad way to describe flowers because that’s what they are all about. Colors and fragrances, and there I’m not so good because my favorites are mostly in fields and along roadsides where I don’t get much of a whiff of their perfume. But I always notice the colors.

Just yesterday I drove past a bunch of brilliant yellow wildflowers along the side of the road, a cluster of them where I turn to go visit friends. Whatever kind they are, they dry nicely. I know that because I’ve dried them and kept them all winter long, unlike some more delicate species that must be left alone because they will wilt and disintegrate almost immediately.

So there you have it. Colors as names for flowers and I think it’s a perfectly good way to name them.

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