The most beautiful autumn ever

IMG_0380 (2)

I’d been hoping for a beautiful autumn because it’s been a wet, wet, soggy summer. I’d always been told that such summers create beautiful autumns because the trees are healthy and have lots and lots of leaves. Those leaves, so the information goes, are also healthy and stick around as long as possible before dropping off, even after they have turned color.

So the stage was set for a lovely autumn. But would it happen?

Of course, I caught a virus and didn’t notice much for a long time. But then, as I was recovering, one afternoon my daughter came into the room and grabbed me and said we were going for a ride. My grandson was already in the truck that was running and we went looking for beautiful leaves.

We found them! We didn’t go far from home because we didn’t have to. Every road we took, long or short, was an excursion into pure beauty. The leaves were so thick on the trees that they were solid blocks of color and they filled the landscape from one horizon to the other with every autumn color imaginable.

It has, without any doubt, been the most beautiful autumn of my life and I’m grateful to have been given the chance to experience it.

This picture is through my living room window, just one small piece of a gorgeous but temporary world that I am privileged to inhabit.

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