What’s a yard for, anyway?

Last year sometime near the end of the summer, I came home late pulling a trailer behind me because I’d been selling fudge and fudge-filled banana bread somewhere far enough away to not get home during daylight.

Let me state right here that I’m not the best at backing up a trailer. In fact, I learned how it’s done and have pretty much not done it since. I circle around, park in the middle of wherever I am, or simply abandon my vehicle and trailer. But I knew that the trailer should be beside the house so I could plug the freezers that are in it to the outlet on the side of the building.

I stared at the yard and thought about backing up in the dark. Was that for me? Nope! So I looked further and realized that we have a rather large yard, possibly an acre, and that if I drove through it I wouldn’t be driving over any water lines so didn’t have to worry about breaking them.

So I made a quickie decision and made very large circle in the yard and ended up nice and snug beside the house precisely where I should be. I plugged in the freezers, went inside, and climbed into bed.

The next morning, my daughter and grandson (who live with me and started the business) mentioned that — ahem! — they’s seen me arrive and drive over the grass. I was caught and had to say something. So I said it was what any sensible person would do and why weren’t they doing it, too? As if doing so was the most normal thing in the world.

And we’ve all be doing it ever since. And, guess what, the yard is still there and the grass still grows nicely and life is much, much easier without having to back up that trailer!

2 responses to “What’s a yard for, anyway?”

  1. Had absolutely no idea where this story was going but it was beautifully written! What a lovely anecdote!

  2. It also shows how bad I am at backing up trailers! Awful!

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