Rapid release is not for me

There’s something floating around the writing community called ‘rapid release.’ It’s a way to write and publish a new book every month. A book a month. Yikes!

I don’t plan on doing rapid release. Ever. But I must admit that when I learned how it’s done I realized that I use the techniques it espouses, as do many other authors. Maybe most. Definitely most authors who write in a specific genre and use the same locale for some of their stories.

It seems that the way you write a novel a month is by creating a setting for many, many future stories and the setting will the the same for all the stories. Like the imaginary small town of Johns Falls, Minnesota, where my Johns Falls series is set. And many of the characters will also be the same. So much of the work of creating a story is already done, all you have to do is insert the current story and characters into the already created universe.

Actually, almost all of my romances are either set in Johns Falls and it’s a big part of the story, or it starts there and goes somewhere else (like space, in Earth Legend) or is where the story is set but the setting is incidental, as in all of the Legend series. And of course, my latest series, Wilderness Women, is set somewhere in the north woods and if a town is involved, guess what town it is.  Why Johns Falls, of course.

I’ll never write a book in a month. Never. I know it can be done and allow the writer to still have a life but I never was a hyper personality type so if I tried, I’d always be late.

What I am is a slow workaholic. I get things done and find I must keep working at something or I’ll drive myself nuts. But to go at things like that war saying, ‘damn the torpodos and full speed ahead?’ That’s not me. Absolutely not.

I take frequent breaks to smell the flowers, read a book, bake cookies or get reacquainted with the world beyond the window and all the animals, nice and otherwise, that inhabit that world.

And, incidentally, about that cookie baking? I love baking cookies. The only problem is finding enough people to eat them so I don’t end up eating them all myself because, of course, I bake my favorites. Of course!

Anyway, back to the subject of this post. When you pick up one of my romances and see that it’s set in northern Minnesota, you can also know that the nearest town is Johns Falls and that it doesn’t exist in reality but is very substantial in my mind.

If you wonder what I’m talking about, check out these series and these books that are all set in or  near Johns Falls, Minnesota:

Johns Falls: Shh–Don’t Tell, A Very Black Cat, and The Christmas House

Legends: Spirit Legend, Wolf Legend, and Earth Legend

Wilderness Women: The Pathfinder, The Snow Queen, and The Healer


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