Turkeys or change of season?

When I glanced out the window, I saw a flock of twelve wild turkeys at the edge of the yard. Quick as a wink, I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. Not a good picture because they were so far away. But a picture.

When I checked out the picture, I wasn’t sure whether it was a picture of a dozen wild turkeys or a picture of the changing seasons because those turkeys were against a background of dead field grass and that dead grass is a sign of late autumn and a harbinger of coming winter.

As are the turkeys themselves because it’s at this time of year that the hens and their chicks gather themselves into flocks that then go looking for places to over-winter. They want trees to roost in and food to eat and some shelter from winter weather.

So all in all, I think I took a picture of the turn of the seasons as well as of some visitors.IMG_0392 (3)

One response to “Turkeys or change of season?”

  1. Hi Florence, that is a very nice picture! Thank you for sharing your picture of the turn of the season and of the Turkeys. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day! God Bless you and your family.

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