Pies and other good things


The church I attend serves a community Thanksgiving meal to hundreds of people. And we deliver meals to those who can’t make it in person.

This requires huge effort on the part of the congregation. My part this Thanksgiving was pies. I promised two pies. Then, when I heard they might run short, I increased that to four pies. Good enough, I thought.

So two days before Thanksgiving I set to work making pies.

There are a lot of lost pie pans after the meal! I bought the disposable pie pans so no one would have to worry about getting them back to me. Since disposable pie pans are smaller than regular ones, I ended up with extra filling. A lot extra.

I got more pie pans and filled and baked them. I ended up with ten pies. I decided to bring eight to the church and we’d have the other two for our own Thanksgiving meal at home.

That’s not quite what happened. By the time I brought my pies to church Thanksgiving morning, we were down to seven pies. So I brought five to church and we had the others at  home. The rest had already been eaten. By my family. Because my family likes pies. Loves them.

The moral of this story if that if you provide something people like, they will go after it with energy, appetite, and zeal. Whether that something is pies or unforgettable, wonderful stories doesn’t matter.

Either way, they will be appreciated and devoured.

I think I did good with both pies and my latest book, The Snow Queen to be published the first of the year. I’m rather eager — and a bit anxious — to see if readers devour it as my family devoured pies.

5 responses to “Pies and other good things”

  1. Reblogged this on Ann Malley and commented:
    Yes, it’s Black Friday with all the crazy deals and the scramble to make good on them, but wise words are always the best bargain.

    Here’s my talented friend, multi-published author Florence Witkop with something to seriously consider. This season and all year round.

    Please, consider following her blog and mine as an early New Year’s Resolution. You can never have too many friends. (Although the jury is out about pie. I broke my diet SO badly yesterday. Ugh.)

    Write on!

  2. The pies look amazing! I can see why your family gobbled them up. This shows what a huge and loving heart you have. I’m sure your new book will be as big a success.

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