Want cards? Want books?

Since I stopped publishing my newsletter I’ve been trying to think how to continue the one thing that I really liked about it. The giveaways.

I gave away one free e-book a month or a hard copy if the recipient didn’t like e-books. I also gave away a half-dozen hand-made greeting cards. Sometimes birthday cards, sometimes blank note cards, and in the right season, Christmas cards.

My readers liked the giveaways and I’ve figured a way to continue giving away my stuff.  If it works, it’ll be permanent, if not it won’t last very long!

Anyway, just go to my author’s Facebook page and follow me or whatever it is people do when they want to be included in someone’s Facebook family.

I’ll choose every month from all of those followers, plus the followers of this blog, not just from people who have replied to my posts, though I enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

So go now. You’ll find me under Florence Witkop, author.

DO NOT follow my personal posts under Florence Witkop without the author added because I won’t choose from those people.



2 responses to “Want cards? Want books?”

  1. Hi Florence, I already follow you and have been your friend on FB for a while. I enjoy reading your posts. Your book The Christmas House has been eying me for awhile, I just need to purchase it, it sounds like a very good read, and I love the cover and love that it is a Christmas book. Perfect time of the year to read it. Have a Great rest of the week Florence. God Bless you.

  2. Hi,

    You too. I’m in a fog, having packed 22 Christmas boxes to send to family and that took until 1 AM this morning. But really nice replies to my posts are a great way to wake up!

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