Too much of a pretty thing.

When we moved to northern Minnesota, I was fascinated by the deer we’d see in the close forest. They are so lovely, so graceful, and so wonderful to watch. Especially the fawns in the spring. They are awkward, spotted, fascinating infants.

So we put out deer feed and that brought in even more deer, more lovely visitors, and eventually the lyme disease that is rampant in deer country.

The deer made a path through our property. They used it to go from our feeder to the neighbor’s feeder and then, so we learned, to the next neighbor’s feeder. And so on. They did very well, food-wise.

We would usually see up to one hundred deer in a day.

That’s a lot of deer.

Maybe too many.

So now we only feed the deer if the winter is extremely cold and the snow is so deep that they won’t survive without help.

I still enjoy watching deer wander through my property even if there are fewer of them.

2 responses to “Too much of a pretty thing.”

  1. Hi Florence, I’m glad you still get to see deer. Here where I live we don’t see many deer, except in some places especially at night. Have a Great weekend. Always enjoy reading your posts, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God Bless you.

  2. Alicia,

    Yep, deer are pretty. So is grass that wouldn’t be there if they beat it to death with their feet. And, yes, I enjoy hearing from people. It’s one of the benefits of being a writer and having an online presence. Enjoy life!

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