I love stories.

I listen to them. I watch them on TV, videos, or movies. I read them.

And I write them.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling’ author designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels.

In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are science fiction and paranormal. Preferably the two combined.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or near future, they always have at least a slight romantic element, and they always end happily. Always. Guaaranteed. (Okay, two short stories, ‘The River Boy’ and ‘Down From The Mountain’ have endings that might not be considered completely happy. Maybe just somewhat happy. You decide.)

Check out the covers below and see what you think. And have a happy, happy day.


Science fiction — not.

earth legend promo canva
This is kind of what I’m talking about.

I love science fiction. Especially the stories that were popular during what now is called the golden era of science fiction, the fifties. The ones with strange civilizations and far-flung galaxies and intrepid explorers who range through both.

Being a writer and loving science fiction, I wrote sci-fi stories and sent them to publishers.

Guess what? None sold. Not a single story. Nada. None. Zero. Zilch.

But my stories of love and every-day life and people like my neighbors and friends do sell. So when I wrote the Legends series, about people you’d like to know, I set them in semi-other-worldly places.

And, being the sneaky kind of person that I am, I slip science fiction into many of my stories and, when the story isn’t the kind to allow it no matter how hard I try, I sometimes subtly suggest that there might be more to the story than the bare outlines indicate. Heh! Heh! Heh!

Check out my Wilderness Women series to see what I mean.

Not a kernel — not a nugget — of science fiction in the bunch but each story carries with it the possibility — just a hint of ‘maybe’ — that my heroines who live in the forest and love it could be touched by what I think of as ‘forest spirits.’

You’ll have to decide for yourself.

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