Picture Perfect

gray and black artwork

I’m trying out something new. A novella. I think of novellas as half books because they are about half as long as a normal short novel. I’ve done novellas before but this one will be different.

First of all, it’ll be part of a package deal, a boxed set. I think there will be five novellas in all. If I’m wrong and there are four — or six — please accept my error as what happens when we get old. (Okay, I”ve always been vague about some things and I think it’s great that I now have something to blame it on. Kudos for old age!)

They will be about a pair of bumbling guardian angels and that’s the ‘different’ part. I’ve never done a bumbling anything before but I’ve read a number of such stories and enjoyed each and every one.

My bumbling angel is Maude and the parameters of Maude’s personality were laid out by the people who are in charge of the boxed set because there will only be two guardian angels in the set so there will be more than one book about the same angel and the angels had better not change personalities between books.

It was fun. My Maude ended up in northern Minnesota (of course!) in spring and that means mud and cold weather, which she wasn’t expecting in April, having experienced England in April and looking forward to warm weather, sunshine and flowers. She’s sort of rescued from that mud by a mangy dog who becomes her friend and helper as she does her best to get two people together in a landscape she’s never experienced before.

So there you have it. My novella in a nutshell. I call it Picture Perfect because Maude pretends to be an artist without any artistic ability at all  who’s trying to paint landscapes in all that mud.

I have no idea what the boxed set will be called. (Perhaps I was told and forgot. It’s great to be old!)

It was a fun write. I think it’ll be a fun read. Okay, I can say that, according to my beta readers, it truly was fun to read it.

So I’m now one of those writers who writes ‘cozy’ stories.

2 responses to “Picture Perfect”

  1. It sounds Great Florence! I love Angels and dogs! The series sounds very good and I will be on the lookout for it! Yep, I get Senior Moments also, but a lot of times senior moments are a good thing! Have a Great Weekend my friend. God Bless you.

  2. I love that I can blame anything and everything on age! It’s so fun. And I love angels and dogs too. I’ve noticed that almost all of my books have either a dog or a cat in it. Guess that says something about me.

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