A wanna-be writer asked me what a pantser is.

Easy. A pantser is someone who writes by the seat of their pants. They put the seat of their pants on the seat of their chair and start writing whatever comes into their mind and revise it later.

Plotters, on the other hand, plan ahead and don’t write a single word until they have an end in mind.

I know a lot of pantser writers. I know even more people who aren’t writers but who go through life as pantsers, following their intuition wherever it leads.

I know an equal number of plotters who know what will happen in every chapter of their book before they start writing. And I know just as many people who plot their course though life carefully and follow a scripted path towards a goal.

Oddly enough, both kinds of people seem to do just fine.

I’m a plotter. My late husband was an extreme pantser. Trust me, he was a very extreme pantser!!! Sometimes he drove me nuts!

We balanced each other out in a very good way.


2 responses to “Pantsers.”

  1. I tend to swing between the two. I either write a piece off the cuff or I’ll spend weeks planning, drafting, and annotating. Whilst the first method churns out work much faster, I tend to find the second far more satisfying!

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