A New Plan For A New World

imagesfudgewith nuts

This is a non-writer post….

The world is changing. Not because we wish it to change but because a virus from far away doesn’t care what we want and is changing the world all by itself.

So we, also, will change.

Let me explain:

We make our living selling fudge-filled banana bread, fudge and cinnamon nuts at events both out-of-doors and inside. Our treats are wonderful and we do well.

Today, however, event after event where we expected to sell is cancelled and people are told to avoid large crowds.

A crisis. But also an opportunity to do something we’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. Never had the time to learn how.

We are now about to dive head-first into selling online. It will be interesting. And informative. And educational. And, hopefully, successful.

So I’m starting right here and right now:

Fudge anyone?

We have lots and we ship and here’s a link to some of the best treats on Earth:


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