Why is it that every time I sit down to write I hit a wall after a couple of paragraphs? How can I have better thoughts?

I’ve been asked:  How to have better thoughts and not hit that wall after only a couple of paragraphs?

Organize them!

If you sit down at your computer and start writing without knowing where you are going or why you are heading in that direction, just that you have a thought that sounds good at the moment, then you won’t get very far. At least most writers won’t. (A few do but they are the exceptions and if you are asking this question then I assume you’re like most of us.)

But if you take that thought and run with it before putting down the first word of your manuscript, then you just might discover that you have something interesting going on and you’ll be eager to get the whole thing down on paper.

Organizing, which is another word for outlining, forces you to think about your subject. To figure out just what made you decide to write about that particular subject.

It takes your fleeting thought and turns it into a complete subject. To put a beginning, middle and end to it. To put some meat on the bare bones of the idea.

Chances are that when you sit down at your computer with that outline in place along with knowing where you are going and what you want to say and why you want to say it, you won’t be able to stop writing.

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