I love stories.

I listen to them. I watch them on TV, videos, or movies. I read them.

And I write them.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling’ author designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels.

In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are science fiction and paranormal. Preferably the two combined.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or near future, they always have at least a slight romantic element, and they always end happily. Always. Guaaranteed. (Okay, two short stories, ‘The River Boy’ and ‘Down From The Mountain’ have endings that might not be considered completely happy. Maybe just somewhat happy. You decide.)

Check out the covers below and see what you think. And have a happy, happy day.


The Fine Art of Piddling

Got this in an email and just HAD to pass it on:
As you will see, I have been cleaning out drawers.

the Fine Art of Piddling!!

What is a piddler??

It’s hard to explain to begin with, because piddling is neither one thing nor another, but something in between.  It is not rest, not something that can be done with your feet on a foot stool or as you recline in your recliner.

it is certainly not something for which one should ever be paid, and absolutely not something that one does while clock watching.

The whole idea of piddling is to kill time, but without any great effort, or much effort at all, or even really meaning to do it.  If one piddles correctly, time just goes away, without regret on the part of the piddler, or even any particular notice.  ONE does not march off to piddle.  ONE meanders.  And even when one heads off to piddle, one may not go to piddling right away, because one might have to loaf a little first.

But loafing is another story.

A piddler does not fix a leaky washing machine, or a slipping transmission, or a hole in a roof.  Such work as that is necessary, and the more necessary a labor is, the father from piddling it becomes.

A piddler may use tools, but only small light ones, and only on things that are not needed right now.  Changing out a car battery in the dead of winter, IS NOT PIDDLING.  that is a necessity.

But tinkering with a lawn mower in the middle of February when the grass is buried under snow, is piddling.

Doing laundry is not piddling.  Organizing your sock drawer or any drawer is piddling.

You could rearrange books, sharpen knives  — the ones you won’t use — change knobs on drawers and cabinets, but ONLY if the ones you replace are still good.  Rearrange pictures or not.

Usually men are the piddlers, but I think women piddle, too.

going out to garden and then sitting in your deck chair and just gazing out at your yard or the lake – that is piddling.

Leaving household chores undone so you can just sit and listen to the birds is a form of piddling.

everyone has their own ideas about piddling and now, as we shelter in home or on our deck, is the time to practice piddling.


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