Should an author have a writing portfolio blog?

I’ve been asked a writer question: Should an author have a writing portfolio blog?

I suppose a writer can exist without writing credits to pull out whenever the occasion requires, but it’s a lot easier to show prospective clients and publishers what you can do if you have samples of your writing at your fingertips.

And what’s easier and more accessible than a blog? Nothing that I can think of. It’s available twenty-four seven and you can show as much or as little as you wish and if you write in different genres or fields, you can categorize your work accordingly, giving a page to each category.

I’ve had a blog for years and that’s a large part of the reason. Not many readers at any one time but my abilities are out there for the public or any potential client to see and evaluate.

It does happen and at the oddest times, usually without my even knowing anyone is checking me out until they’ve perused my blog and then contacted me because they like my writing style as it was showcased.

So go for it. It can’t hurt and it might help.

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