Is writing difficult or easy?

I’ve been asked a writer question: Is writing easy for me or hard?

My answer might not make sense because I didn’t approach writing with the thought of it being hard or easy. I just decided to make it my job and figured out how to do it.

It read books and articles. I took classes. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. And slowly and gradually I figured out how to craft a story. I’m still learning.

As I see it, difficult or easy isn’t important. What’s important is whether a writer wishes to put in the time and effort. Because, if they do, they will eventually become a writer.

As an aside, I sometimes must remind myself of this when I find myself looking for excuses to not write. At such times I remember that writing is like any other job. Put the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair and do it. The rest will happen.

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