The Healer

Whew! I just finished the first draft of The Healer, the last novel of the Wilderness Women trilogy. I don’t know what took so long. I should have finished it weeks ago and expected to do so.

Okay, I know it was Covid 19. I know that tiny virus wiped out any ability I had to write. I’m just glad that eventually things settled into a new normal and I was able to finally weed myself free of constant updating online and on the TV.

Anyway, it’s done and, as is usual for my books, is rather different from the other two of the series. Guess I’ll never be one of those writers whose books are all similar in many respects. I don’t even seem able to make them all have the same tone. Some are funny, some aren’t. Some have a fair amount of adventure, some are serene.

Oh well. It’s done except for the second draft. And the third. Usually that’s it for me, three run-throughs followed by spell-check and then making sure the chapters each begin on a fresh page. Then off to Winged Publications.

I’ll get the cover posted here as soon as I get it from Winged Publications. I’m sure it’ll be great. They all are.

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