The Healer Cover

novel the healer cover

I  promised I’d show you the cover as soon as I got it.

Here it is. Different from what I expected. Wouldn’t have guessed a heroine with her face partially obscured. But it is perfect in all respects because the heroine lives in the forest and has some Native American ancestry and it shows in her appearance.  And I love the colors. I’m a fan of lots of color in everything, including book covers.

4 responses to “The Healer Cover”

  1. Isn’t it? I’m always impressed with Winged Publications’ covers and this one is wonderful. It brings out the slight Native American heritage of the main character and the forest where she lives.

  2. Your book sounds like a very good read, and the cover is Stunning, I Love it. Have a Great week and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.

  3. As often happens, the book didn’t turn out quite as I expected. I thought the girl, Alicia, would be a minor character. She disagreed and ended up being the character around whom the entire plot revolved. And the book is better for it.

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