Big words or simple ones?

I’ve been asked a writer question: To write a fiction or non-fiction story, which is more preferred, simple and straightforward words or big vocabulary words with a lot of twists and hidden meanings like literature, poetry, and such?

Hmmmmm. Whether to use big vocabulary words or simple, straightforward ones?

Think about it. Writing is communication. Communication is the act of getting an idea from your brain into the brain of another person.

Which will do the job best? Big vocabulary words that some people think make them look intelligent —- or simple, straightforward words that actually convey meaning?

Simple, straightforward words, of course.

Add to that answer the fact that simple, straightforward words are known by more people than big vocabulary words and your answer is reinforced because there are many reasons for not having a large vocabulary and many — perhaps most — of them have nothing to do with intelligence, such as reading in a language other than your native one, having had a less than advantageous upbringing, having a mental glitch (from birth or accident) that makes language difficult, and so on. There are lots of reasons. But most people know enough simple, straightforward words to get the gist of what’s being said. If not, they wouldn’t be reading.

The trick is to take those simple, straightforward words and put them together in such a way as to truly communicate. To touch someone’s heart. To show them truth in a way they’ve never considered before. To write awesomely.

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