Ghosts and Other Story Starters

You might recognize this image because once I found it I saved it to use again when appropriate. Like now.

I’m finally, finally, finally getting the hang of writing about ghosts. Never thought changing just one little thing in the stories I’m telling would create such angst. But it did. Had to research ghosts and the paranormal, which was both interesting and laughable. Then had to decide how my particular ghost would fit in the story. Then had to rewrite a lot because I forgot my own ‘ghost’ rules and went astray.

But it’s all done now and I’m rather pleased with the result. A ghost who simply wants to ‘cross over’ and needs help to do so.

And, of course, having done all that research and figured out how ghosts can fit in my stories, the book after this first ‘ghost’ book will also be a ‘ghost’ story.Is this where I should say ‘boo?’Maybe.

Anyway, Happy Halloween a little early because I’m thinking about ghosts and they are a Halloween staple.

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