Flowers As Messengers

I love when my sister sends on the ads she gets from the place in Missouri where she buys quilting material. I asked the company (can’t remember the name. Sorry) if I could use their ads and they said ‘yes’ as long as I give them credit. So when I remember their name, I’ll pass it along. In the meantime, this is great:

You know how different flowers have different meanings? Like yellow roses represent friendship and light red carnations represent admiration. When I saw today’s Deal I looked up hydrangeas and guess what? White hydrangeas (such a gorgeous flower) represent vanity and boasting. Well ok! Why in the world is there a flower to represent vanity and boasting? What are you supposed to do with it? Give it to someone you think is stuck-up? Only plant it in your garden if you want to be a show off? I guess you could do that. Or you could add a little blue hydrangea, which is conveniently a symbol for understanding, and just embrace it as the sweet and beautiful flower it is!

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