The Legacy

THE LEGACY is finished and ready to go to Winged Publications. It’s been a journey!

First I had to learn about ghosts so as to be reasonably accurate in my portrayal of two of the main characters’ ancestor who just happens to be both a ghost and a witch. So I wrote the novella and then re-wrote it to smooth out the ghostly inconsisties.

Then I realized I’d paid so much attention to ‘ghost’ stuff that I’d neglected the characters themselves. After all, the story is supposed to be about them. So I re-wrote it a second time to give them reasons to exist.

Then I sent my thoughts on a cover to Cynthia at Winged Publications, along with a physical description of the main characters so the characters on the cover would match the characters in the book.

Oops. Got an email back asking if I could change their hair color because she was having cover problems with the hair colors I’d given them. So I went through the book a third time to change hair color. Guess what? It made the story better. The ghost is now a red-head. How’s that for interest? Not the main characters, though. They have brown hair.

Anyway, it’s done and will go to Winged Publications shortly. Whew!

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