Warm Snow

Is there a law against posting something totally irrelevant? I hope not because I’ve decided to use my blog to do just that once in a while.

Like today because I’ve been looking out the window at snow. And this is what I’ve been thinking:

Snow. Snow. Snow.

There’s either not enough or too much. Not enough for snowmobilers is too much for those who are tired of winter. Our dog, Bailey, is a snow dog who loves to eat it, roll in it, and simply lie in the snow and exist (good life plan, Bailey!) so I think she’d want lots.

The thing is, snow is cold.

Why can’t snow be warm like a nice, warm, summer rain? I’d go for that. Can some scientist invent warm snow? Someone should. Think about it. Snowmobiling or skiing in shorts. Making a snowman without dressing for an arctic expedition. Yep, I think someone should invent warm snow. Scientific community, take note! We want warm snow!

2 thoughts on “Warm Snow

  1. Alicia Haney

    Good questions Florence. Here in Texas we don’t get much snow, about 3 weeks ago we got 8 and a half inches of snow which we have not gotten that for many years. It was nice to get it and look at it from inside the house which of course I stayed indoors, but it was also very nice when it all melted away . Have a Great week and stay safe my friend . God Bless you and your family.

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