Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air. And in people’s smiles (behind their masks) and on paper because valentines are a grand tradition. Everybody likes frilly red and pink and white creations filled to the brim with love!

St. Valentine had a good idea way back when. Hallmark had another in 1913 when it started selling valentines. And the rest is history.

Consider any school kid who’s busy making valentines (instead of mischief) for 21 classmates while begging their mother for enough candy for everyone while making fudge early in the morning to surprise their mom who of course won’t know how the kitchen got so messy when she wasn’t there. And when that kid finishes making fudge, the messy dining room table will be nothing compared to the huge, pink and pretty valentine for Mom.

St. Valentine would approve.

Hallmark might be jealous.

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