I love stories.

I listen to them. I watch them on TV, videos, or movies. I read them.

And I write them.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling’ author designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels.

In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are science fiction and paranormal. Preferably the two combined.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or near future, they always have at least a slight romantic element, and they always end happily. Always. Guaaranteed. (Okay, two short stories, ‘The River Boy’ and ‘Down From The Mountain’ have endings that might not be considered completely happy. Maybe just somewhat happy. You decide.)

Check out the covers below and see what you think. And have a happy, happy day.


Tuesday — Thoughts

Yep, that woman in the picture could be me.  

Or not.

I’ve never been able to twist myself into a pretzel no matter how hard I tried. And believe me, I’ve tried, having taken ballet lessons for years until I realized that there are people who are born to be pretzels and people who aren’t. People like me.

But it must be wonderful to be able put yourself into such a pose at will, close your eyes, and just zone out.

I can’t become a pretzel but I can zone out. Actually, I’m rather good at it. I believe some people call it daydreaming, but as everyone like me knows, it’s more than that.

It’s leaving this world and finding another, totally different one. It’s taking a trip without physically going anywhere or ingesting anything because you don’t need either. You just need your imagination and the ability to go still for a while.

It’s a fun way to travel, a useful skill during a pandemic.

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