Pandemic Personalities

Pandemic Personalities

The pandemic has divided people into two groups. One group likes to be with people. The other group would be happy as hermits.

I belong in the latter group. I’d make a good hermit. I loved moving to the wilderness where my neighbors were trees and wild animals. I loved the slow pace of life, following the sun to know what time it was, watching the snow pile up in the winter, and just generally listening to the silence and taking as long as need be to understand what it was telling me.

When the pandemic came into our lives and with it, lockdown, my family reminded me, laughing as they spoke, that the world was now the way I’d always thought it should be. Private. Quiet. Slow. And isolated.

I’ve been reading the thoughts of others in lockdown and I’ve discovered that many people reacted the same way I did. They loved it. They still love it. Though we hermits can’t wait for the pandemic to be done with we wish that solitude would never end.

Because some people are public people.

Others are private.

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