Very Large Horses

Horses Are Very Large

A horse-loving daughter convinced us that we needed horses. We decided she was right and got a horse. Then another. And so on. When we got that first horse, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But we learned! Did we ever learn!

The main thing to know about horses is that they like to go visiting. As in break through their fencing and wander about the countryside. Especially if you have one horse that’s unusually social. We had such a horse. And when he went visiting, the rest of the horses went with him.

Our neighbors were wonderful. We got calls when our horses showed up in their barnyards. And we went to get them.

One time, my daughter – the horsewoman – and I were the only people home when we got such a call. So we went to get the horses. And guess what – I had to help bring them home. Which meant I had to actually get on one of them and ride said horse home while helping to convince the others to follow.

This took place along a busy highway.

I was never so scared in my life.

My daughter, of course, wasn’t unfazed and when we got home said, “That was nice, wasn’t it?”

I still love horses.

From a distance.

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