A Little Lake Music


My latest foray into horror, a genre I don’t normally do. But I do once in a while. No guts, no gore, no blood spurting everywhere, no monsters. So what makes it horror? Hint: don’t read it just before you go to bed.

So here’s a little about A Little Night Music:

What do you do if your relatives insist you’re the only person who can make your mother happy? What if you do your best and she remains sad?

Do you give up your future — your life — for her?

This short (4 episodes) horror story explores a different take on mother-daughter relationships. And lakes. And music in the middle of the night. Is it beautiful? Or deadly?

It’s on Kindle Vella, so the first three episodes are free. Plenty enough to decide whether to pay the few pennies to find out what the horror part is all about. Or not. But it’s nice to sleep at night.

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