I’m Florence Witkop and I’m an author and have been one for many years because I love stories and the characters that people them. If you, too, enjoy reading about the sometimes amazing situations people find themselves in — and how they get through those situations and not only survive, but thrive — then check out my books.

I write sci/fiparanormal stories and contemporary romances and all my fiction is clean and includes at least a touch of romance and ends happily. Always! Guaranteed! (Okay, a couple of my short stories don’t have conventionally happy endings. But they aren’t unhappy either. I leave it up to you to decide which they are.)

Take a gander at the covers below to see some of my books.

(Not all are there yet. Have patience, I’m typing as fast as I can!)

I love science fiction and paranormal stories so I like to include both in my books. Most take place in the near future but timelines can and should vary according to the needs of the story.

These are episodic stories that you can find in Kindle Vella. Yes, they are all either science fiction or paranormal and there’s one horror story (A Little Lake Music).

Everyone likes a romance, including me, because love is great, so I have written a number of clean romances, mostly based in the northern Minnesota region where I live. When you read these books, expect a lot of forest and trees and enjoy meeting numerous wilderness type people.

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