Alien Contact

Alien Contact is almost ready for publication.

I’ve never had such a slow roll-out. It’s all my fault for procratination. It happened because, instead of doing the cover and formatting myself, I went with a professional company and had no idea how the process worked. I know a lot more now and it’s been an education.

MIBL did a wonderful job. It’s a great cover and the formatting is perfect for science fiction. My usual publisher, Winged Publications, specializes in clean romance even in their science fiction/fantasy/paranormal stories. So of course their covers reflect that fact. I’ve had some beautiful covers done by Cynthia at Winged Publications but they are subtly different from the one you see above for Alien Contact.

I’m glad I went with MIBL for this particular book because it’s not a true romance even though there is a romance in it. (Two romances, actally.)

Formatting is slower than the cover because it’s exceedingly tedious work and is taking longer than the cover. Like I said, I’m learning!

I’ll be happy and much relieved when it’s finally on Amazon. Soon. Very soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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