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Author Florence Witkop
Author Florence Witkop

Florence has been an elementary teacher, an IT person, has owned (with her husband and 5 kids) a family-friendly resort in northern Minnesota, and at present is helping make and sell fudge and fudge-filled treats, a family business she joined after her husband passed that started with the family recipe for Christmas fudge.

Most of all, though, Florence is a writer.
Her writing journey began some years ago when she was driving through near-blizzard conditions the thirty plus miles to the school where she taught first grade while wondering if there was a better way to make a living. As she drove, she remembered that she’d always intended to become a writer when she retired. After living an interesting life. Later. Well, with the wind blowing the snow thick across the windshield and sending her SUV sidewise, she wondered why she was waiting for retirement. Why not now? So when the school year ended, she said goodbye to teaching, became a full-time, professional writer and has never looked back.

Since that fateful decision, she’s been a ghost writer, written confession stories, done editing, written advertising copy, written some non-fiction articles, written literary and science-fiction short stories, written both novellas and novels, and won the only literary contest she ever entered, becoming Minnesota’s Region 2 Literary Person of the Year.

When the bricks and mortar publishing industry went bankrupt and her paychecks went up in smoke, like many other writers she made the transition to electronic media, eventually ending up in the absolute best place of all, Winged Publications, where she writes for both Forget Me Not Romances and Take Me Away Books. In this clean and Christian-oriented market, she can write the romances she likes to read, the kind that mothers and daughters can both read.

Her imagination is wide-ranging and takes readers from small towns to the depths of space and into the realm of fantasy, with stories that invoke and celebrate the wonder — and the fun — and the surprises of life and romance.

And, yes, Florence’s stories always end happily.



You can often find her on the deck overlooking the forest she loves so much. You can find her stories on Amazon or through Winged Publications. They range from life and love in small town America to romance with a touch of science-fiction or fantasy.

These are some examples.

A Very Black Cat: A rescue cat decides to change his owner’s life and does so with verve and dedication.

Spirit Legend: A spirit lives in a wilderness lake and is helped by a couple isolated by a storm.

The Christmas House: A woman moves to the forest and lives a back-to-nature life to make her grandmother happy.

Shh — Don’t Tell: A woman dedicates a summer to protecting a family of Mallard ducks.

Wolf Legend: A couple bring a dire-wolf pup from another dimension into their lives.

Wanted Sharpshooter: A woman is forced to depend on a sharpshooter to keep both her and her beloved horses safe.

Earth Legend: A botanist is so good with plants that it’s beyond uncanny—it’s impossible and crucially important.

When  Dreams Come True: A woman can speak to people through her dreams. And does.

And more…