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I'm sending my latest clean, small-town romance to the publishers in a week or so. Which means I'll be looking for people to read my newest book so I'll know if people like it. I need beta readers. Anyone interested? If you are, email me at and I'll email you back a free pdf… Continue reading Readers?

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The Devil and Details

As you may  have noticed, I love surfing for interesting tidbits to pass along. Today's is almost prescient so I had to mention it! Here it is, as I read it: Isn’t it weird that there is an old adage that says “The devil’s in the details” AND one that says “God is in the… Continue reading The Devil and Details

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   A Very Black Cat! It's done, sent to the publishers, and is now on Amazon! I'm talking about my latest novel, of course, A Very Black Cat, and you can see the black cat on the fence if you look between the hero and heroine on the book cover. (Nice cover,  Cynthia! Thanks!) Here's… Continue reading A VERY BLACK CAT

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Finding Eden by C Beavers Review of Finding Eden by Camilla Beavers This is the perfect example of a young adult urban fantasy story so I thought I'd review it here. And, by the way, I liked it. Most of all, I loved the cover. It's the story of Eden, a high school student close to graduation, who… Continue reading Finding Eden by C Beavers

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Space Junque by L K Rigel
 Review:  Space Junque by L K Rigel I liked this book enough to read it straight through. Though the book is complete in itself, (a wonderful and somewhat rare thing in a series), if you want to truly know what happens later, you must read the sequel. A generous portion… Continue reading Space Junque by L K Rigel

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Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer Review:  Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer This the first of a series of really fun reads that I read because it was recommended.  Word of mouth is always the best advertisement and this time was no exception. Mary Faber is a street urchin in old London who knows how to read.  She disguises… Continue reading Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer

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Fated by Carolyn McCray

Review of Fated by Carolyn McCray (Sorry about the picture copied from Amazon.  I wanted to show the cover and am still working on the technical details of how to get just the cover and a buy link up.) I must admit that I didn't read every word.  This doesn't mean it was too long… Continue reading Fated by Carolyn McCray

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Unicorn Bait by S.A.Hunter

My second book review.  Unicorn Bait by S.A.Hunter.  Hey, I like fun fantasy stories! This is such a story and the title is the most fun thing of all but I won't tell you what the unicorn bait is because that would be a spoiler.  But I'll say this much.  It made reading the book… Continue reading Unicorn Bait by S.A.Hunter

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Progress by Amy Queau

This is the first of what I hope will be many book reviews.  Not of New York's best-sellers. Of books by both writers I know and those I don't but like what they are saying.  Some are wonderfully written and awesome.  Others aren't exceptional in any specific way but give the reader a good read.… Continue reading Progress by Amy Queau