I’m Florence Witkop and I’m an author and have been one for many years because I love stories and the characters that people them. If you, too, enjoy reading about the sometimes amazing situations people find themselves in — and how they get through those situations and not only survive, but thrive — then check out my books.

I write sci/fiparanormal stories and contemporary romances and all my fiction is clean and includes at least a touch of romance and ends happily. Always! Guaranteed! (Okay, two of my short stories — The River Boy, on Amazon, and A Little Lake Music, on Amazon Kindle Vella, might not actually have happy endings. But they aren’t truly unhappy either. I leave it up to you to decide which they are.)

So click on the ‘books’ tab on the above menu to read a bit about each book and take a gander at the covers below to see what you think.

(Not all are there yet. Have patience, I’m typing as fast as I can!)


New Cover for Earth Legend

Got this in an email from Cynthia at Winged Publications this morning and all I can say is ‘wow.’ She thought it was time for new covers for the Legend series books and as I checked them out I agree that these new covers take the books to a whole new level. The covers for the other books in the series will be posted soon but I wanted to give this particular cover its own post. Because it’s so awesome!

I can’t wait for the new cover to appear on the Amazon page for Earth Legend.

Check it out and tell me what you think: http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B077Y37FB8

Alien Contact final cover

Final cover for Alien Contact. At first I thought the cover model seemed too tough for a book about a nice girl on an intersteller trip who ends up saving everyone.

But when I ran the cover by other people (family) they thought she looked like someone who started out sweet and ended up as competent as she needed to be. And they didn’t know what the book was about when they made that comment.

So I’ll go with the cover because I’ve learned that readers see my books — and the covers — differently than I did when I wrote them and readers are the only people who matter.

Alien Contact

Slogging towards finishing my next book that’s a rewrite of my last one, a Vella story. Complete, total rewrite. Ugh. Was The Space Between Stars and is now Alien Contact. See what I mean? Completely changed except in some ways it’s the same.

Again — ugh.

Lots of work.

The New Kids On The Planet

It’s on Kindle Vella now. 16 episodes and the first three are free.

You don’t know who you are. You don’t even know what race you belong to and since you were left on a doorstep as an infant no one knows anything. All you know is that no one else resembles you. It’s not even close.

You are unique. An anomaly. But you can fit in if you try. Sort of. Almost. So does it matter who you are? What you are?

But you want to know who you are and where you came from so you set out to find answers and in your quest you meet a guy exactly like you who also knows nothing about his origins.

So now what?

The New Kids On The Planet is on Amazon Vella now. Click here if you want to read the first three chapters. The first three chapters of all Vella stories are free so you can see how it starts and decide if you want to find out how it ends. (You probably will.)


Winged Publications Writer’s Contest Alert

Winged Publications presents its fourth annual contest–Taking Flight!! FICTION ONLY (Indie published okay to submit)

Any genre! Only clean or inspirational, please.
If fewer than five submitted in a category, your book will be placed in the next, closest genre.

Entry fee $15 for Taking Flight Writing Contest 2022

First prize winner receives a book contract

Second prize winner receives a critique of synopsis and first three chapters

Third prize is a critique of a synopsis

*Book contract entails the publication of winning title under the standard contracts held by Winged Publications. Grand prize winner will be provided with details upon announcement.

Submissions will be received from March 15 31, 2022 until May 30, 2022.

Semi-Finalists chosen by July 30, 2022 and will have two weeks to input suggestions by judges in order to enter the final stage.

Finalists announced the end of August and winners announced September 30, 2022.

Judges will be multi-published and award-winning authors with final judge being the acquisitions editor. Send your synopsis and first three chapters to wingedpublications@gmail.com putting Taking Flight Contest 2022 in the subject line. You will then be emailed the link to pay the submission fee (If enough entrants.) Your entry will not be valid until fee is paid. Indie published authors welcome to submit.

The World Outside

The World Outside on Kindle Vella 6 episodes total.
The caves are safe. Outside is dangerous. Deadly. The sun is Outside and the sun kills. When the Scavengers go Outside to find the valuables that keep us alive in the caves, some don’t come back. My twin sister didn’t return. She died out there like so many others and was buried in an unmarked grave in that dangerous place. I must go there. I must find her grave and grieve properly. I must set her spirit free even if it means I myself will also die.

Delivering Death

Delivering Death is Live on Kindle Vella now. http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B09VDWMLS2

What if you deliver packages for a company that guarantees client confidentiality? What if you realize a murder is in the planning stage? What do you do? Read this three-episode short story to learn what happens when that scenario plays out in a near future society.

Yes, it really could happen and probably will some day in the near future.