Convergence episodes 1 and 2 are published and free


(Book 2 of The Space Between Stars, but you don’t have to have read the first book to enjoy this story.)

Episodes 1 and 2 are online in Kindle Vella, Amazon’s newest way to read stories, one episode at a time. Since the first 3 episodes are always free, you can start reading CONVERGENCE for zero cents to see if it’s your kind of story.

Here’s what it’s about:

New planet. New home. New life. Pray things go right because calls for help trillions of miles from Earth don’t get answered.

There’s the pollen. Pollen is harmless. Isn’t it? And there are the whisperers who followed the colonists to this new place. Are they from Earth? They must be. Unless they aren’t.

But these colonists traveled between stars to start a new civilization on this particular world and they don’t intend to let anything stop them. They’ll fight for their new home. Problem is, winning is never guaranteed.

And here’s an excerpt:

The first team to the planet’s surface wasn’t expected to survive so no cameras were allowed. Without a record of whatever disaster befell them, it could be hushed up. The powers that be could come up with a logical explanation for dead or missing team members, a tragic fall, perhaps, or some other story. But that wouldn’t work if there were pictures.

They planned that if that happened – and they were pretty sure it would – they’d suitably mourn those lost, wait a while, and then send down a second team. If that team suffered a similar fate, they’d send a third. And, if necessary, a fourth. And so on.

Because this was the place they’d been heading towards for generations. This particular, specific planet. Not the next planet or the one after that. This planet and no other. They would stay here. They would colonize it no matter what. Danger and death be damned.

Turned out to be an unnecessary precaution.

At first.

Kindle Vella Street Team. Interested?

I’m looking to create a street team for my stories on Amazon’s Kindle Vella.

If you don’t know what Kindle Vella is, you’re not alone. Amazon did little to nothing in the way of promotion. I suspect their reasoning was to give authors free reign to do whatever they choose and Amazon will then follow by doing those things that are most successful. In the meantime, every author is on their own.

So I’m thinking of creating a street team and together we’ll strategize how to publicize something new. The kicker is that you can’t even read Kindle Vella on your Kindle. Not yet anyway and don’t know if they’ll ever do it. Instead you read it on your phone, computer, etc. Just like social media, in short episodes of 600 to 5,000 words each.

Mine normally are between 1,000 and 2,000 words each and the first 3 episodes are free, which is nice, and you can purchase ‘tokens’ to read the rest at greatly discounted costs, and every new subscriber is given 200 tokens free. So the cost is nothing or minimal if you keep reading.

Anyway, if you are interested in helping me publicize my stories and figuring out how to publicize a new story medium, contact me at (the email I use for writing, not my personal email address) and we’ll go from there.

And just to have a picture to show with this post, here’s the cover for my second Kindle Vella story, titled CONVERGENCE. I chose a warrior woman because I remembered that faces are the best covers of all and I liked her expression. That’s one tough woman who is also feminine. My kind of cover.

The link if you are interested is

The Space Between Stars is complete on Kindle Vella


5-star reviews:

Inspiring, adventurous, and wholly relatable as we contemplate the stars and beyond! Witkop, true to form, has again demonstrated her mastery of story form.
Makes me eager to explore space!

The Space Between The Stars received 5 star reviews because it’s a good, readable story about real, relatable people who choose to board a starship and colonize a distant planet. Who’d do such a thing? Lots of people. Scientists. Homemakers. Adventurers. Rebels. Those with paranormal abilities. And more. Read it and meet some interesting people as they travel between the stars.

The colonial starship Nova One leaves Earth on mankind’s first journey beyond the solar system to colonize a distant planet on a trip of many years. These are the stories of the colonists on that starship. Ordinary people on an extra-ordinary journey. One woman starts a journal to record her life on Nova One. Others continue it with their own stories. Funny, romantic, heart-warming, tragic, and always human. The stories of rebels, peacemakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, those born with paranormal gifts, and more.

The Space Between Stars will be live Friday


It’s coming live to Amazon Vella on Friday! You can read the first 3 episodes for free and the rest for a pittance.

It’s a story about a multi-generational starship headed beyond our solar system to colonize a far distant planet.

Each person on that ship has a story. Funny, heart-wrenching, scary, romantic, dangerous and more.

Together the stories weave a portrait of the first starship to carry people between the stars.

The Space Between Stars

Amazon has done it again. Come up with a new way to publish stories. It’s Kindle Vella and it’ll be serialized stories.

And I’m going to give it a try.

My first story will be a series of stories I’ve been working on that I’d intended to publish as an anthology. I’m far enough along to start publishing the first ones. The name of the book is THE SPACE BETWEEN STARS and it’s the individual stories of women who volunteered to become colonists on another planet after a multi-generational trip through the stars.

Don’t know when Kindle Vella will go live but when it does, check it out.

Don’t Let This Rabbit Miss Easter

Don’t Let This Rabbit Miss Easter

Poor rabbit. He’s afraid he’ll miss Easter and he knows it. Just look at his expression.

Not every rabbit has a calendar, you know, and I suspect that causes problems, not to mention that Easter doesn’t always fall on the same Sunday so even if he does have a calendar, it might not help.

Do you know any rabbit with a current calendar? I don’t, so I suspect that if the poor guy did have one it would be last year’s. Or worse.

I think someone should mount a campaign so no rabbit goes unrecognized on Easter. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just go into any garden and wait a while and they’ll arrive and we can tell them the correct date so they’ll know when to scatter painted eggs and be loved and admired by every nearby kid.

Should be easy. Let’s do it.

Shadow People

Shadow People

Some people cast a long shadow.

My mother was such a person. When she died at 103, the church was filled to overflowing with people she’d helped during her life.

Some shadows are very long but aren’t as nice as my mother’s. Control freaks. Pushy people. Gossips.

My husband’s shadow was longish. He fished, hunted, played football, snowmobiled, and did just about every other masculine, difficult thing imaginable and often took a kid or two with him. Our kids are now self-sufficient adults and I believe that he was part of the reason why.

Not everyone has a long shadow. I think mine is small and I prefer it that way because I prefer living my life in solitary contentment and letting each day unfold as it will.

What about you?



My daughter took this picture a few mornings ago. She was at work as the sun came up and she thought it was beautiful so she took a picture and shared it with the world.

What is it about sunrises that speaks to us so deeply? The promise of another day? The beauty of the colored sky? The return of light after darkness? The awesome expanse of grandeur slowly spreading across the sky and surrounding us? The beauty of a new beginning?

I admit that I don’t know. Don’t have a clue.

I just know that I’m glad my daughter shared this picture with the world because perhaps it’s all of those things jumbled together and because of her we too can experience that lovely morning.

Can’t have too many beautiful sunrises.

How To ‘Cat’

Smoke Knows How To Cat

I admit it. I’m a cat person. And a dog person and a horse person and more.

But for the last few years my life companion has been feline so my animal musings these days tend towards cats.

I love a cat on my lap and Smoke isn’t shy about telling me when he needs ‘lap’ time. He’s also not shy about telling me when he’s hungry, even if it’s two in the morning. Especially if it’s two in the morning. And I’ve not needed an alarm clock since he came to live with me because he makes sure I don’t oversleep.

In other words, he’s an expert on being a cat. If he ran for president of the House Cat Society, he’d have a good chance of winning. He knows every nook and cranny of his kingdom as well as the idiosyncrasies of his subjects.

But I love him to pieces. Including when he’s asleep. Maybe especially when he’s asleep. Like in the picture. He’s so cute.

And so quiet.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

I love onion rings. Love them. Actually, I love anything fried but onion rings hold a special place in my heart.

But there’s a problem with onion rings and I’m throwing this out for any entrepreneur who wants to start a new business.

The one and only problem with onion rings is that whomever makes them seems to always use huge onions. This is a problem because, as anyone who eats as many onion rings as I do knows, it’s nearly impossible to eat just a part of an onion ring. Impossible to bite down and just get a bite sized portion because if you try, what happens is that the onion slides out and drops to the ground (ugh!) leaving just the fried coating. And you can’t fit an entire very large onion ring in your mouth in one bite. (Unless you are willing to look like a greedy fool.) So you are left with the coating and no onion.

Maybe it’s old age, but I simply can’t eat a whole, huge onion ring. Sooooo — like I said —- if anyone out there starts making fried onion rings with onions that are small enough to eat in one bite, I’ll be first in line to get some.