Question: How can I give my secondary characters time in the spotlight?

There are two ways to give secondary characters time in the spotlight.

  1. Make what they have to say or do important to the story. If this means changing your story to give them space, then if the story will remain the same and the characters will benefit from the addition, then do it. Otherwise, see if there’s some place you can insert them.
  2. Make them important to the story. This is different from number 1 in that if they are important, then the story won’t work without them. In number 1, they are simply providing essential information that any character could provide. Making them important to the story may change the story itself in several ways: 1) the story can be longer than planned 2) the story may become more complex and involved. If you want a straight-line, simple story, then reconsider doing this. 3) the story may drag. This can be avoided if you pay attention to the pacing. If you’re not good at this, then reconsider this one, also.