Every child should have wonderful memories of long ago days

One of the most important things about childhood is that you should always know someone who lets you play in their jewelry box. My favorite aunt let my sisters and try on all her jewelry, which we often took advantage of on a slow Sunday afternoon.

She had a mesmerizing pink pearl ring, lots of very long necklaces, and even a ring with a special, tiny storage compartment you could pop open. (We used that one to pretend to be a very elegant spy who put sleeping powder into villains’ drinks!)

And then there was her butterfly ring. It was a very delicate, thin metal band topped with one tiny butterfly done in metal and red stone.

I loved it. My aunt must have known, because many years later she gave me her butterfly ring for my birthday, and wearing it brings me back to my days as a little girl playing pretend.

So what memories of childhood do you cherish?

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo.com)

How do I write realistic prehistoric dialogue?

So you make it up. Figure out how you think they spoke, what their accents were like, whether they talked like professors or peasants.

Which is a way of saying you go with your gut. And if your gut feeling about how they spoke and what words they used is good, then your readers will feel the same and will read their conversation as authentic.