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  • In fiction, how do you fairly and without bias write a compelling character you deeply dislike?

    It’s easier than you might think. You write fairly and without bias because you are so totally determined to not be unfair that in most cases you’ll go the other way and make that character better than he/she really is. And you make that character compelling because to you, he/she is already compelling, in your […]

  • Why don’t we write “I am going” instead of “I go?”

    Most writers do write ‘I am going’ and for a very good reason.   Workshops always tell writers and would-be writers to use the active voice and that means writing ‘I go.’ But they also tell writers and would-be writers to write the way people actually speak and since most people say, ‘I am going’ […]


    I definitely believe this, especially now. The thing is, I’m a writer. But: I absolutely cannot learn the technology behind internet marketing. I recently spent two days — two whole days — figuring out how to get a newsletter out using Mailchimp. Now, according to other writers, Mailchimp is easy to use. Takes a few […]

  • How do I properly write my characters’ thoughts in first person in a third person book?

    Normally, it’s done by putting the character’s thoughts in italics. A simple, elegant solution that readers understand because it’s done so often that it’s almost a rule.

  • When Nothing Goes Right

    You plotted correctly and it the story is wonderful. You drew from deep within and created the perfect characters to carry your story to conclusion. You kicked everyone out of the house or went to your special hiding place to write. And you put the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair […]

  • Style

    Funny, irreverent, somber, scary, sassy, reverent, childlike. I could do on forever with adjectives describing different writing styles. Style is wonderful. It gives stories something extra and distinguishes them from the works of other writers That is, it’s wonderful as long as the author remembers the huge ‘don’t  that goes with using styl and that is… don’t […]

  • What Wouldn’t Happen?

    You have an outline of some sort. Whatever works for you. And you’re following it as faithfully as your characters will let you. You know where you came from and where you’re going. But no journey is without side trips, problems, unexpected stops and whatever else must be dealt with because things happen. The oops […]

  • Ignore Your First Idea

    I remember one workshop I attended on how to write fiction. It was put on by two very knowledgeable women who have given many, many such workshops. The fee wasn’t much but I considered myself fortunate to get a seat because there are long waiting lists to get into their workshops. I learned a few […]

  • Not In The Mood To Write?

    Common advice for writers is to put the seat of their pants on the seat of a chair and turn on their computer and start writing. This advice always gets a good laugh because everyone knows writing good fiction is a lot more complex than that. But it’s good advice nevertheless. Some day when the […]

  • Witches Bell Book One by Odette C Bell

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CR0K4CU Review of Witches Bell Book One by Odette C Bell I liked the way this book was written, the breezy, casual conversations and descriptions. I didn’t like that the entire book was written in that same style. I like a bit of change now and then. But that’s a personal choice, other people might […]