Lazy People Invent Things Because …

Lech Walesa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, once said: “I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.” 

Call it laziness, creativity, or genius, whatever it is, I love finding tools that help me get things done in a smarter way. Such smart and lazy people have given the world inventions like a baby romper that dusts the floor while they crawl, glasses with mirrors arranged so that you can read a book in your lap even when you lie down flat, and suitcases that your kids can ride on through the airport like a scooter.

Most of the people I know, including me, can be classified as lazy and we all not only invent things to make life easier (if we are the inventive type), we appreciate anything someone else has already invented for us.

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo)

Forever Trees

I love the Sequoia, the enormous redwood trees of California. I knew they were big, I knew they were old, but when I actually looked into it, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Three thousand five-hundred years! That’s how old they think the oldest of the sequoia is.

That tree has seen an awful lot. It was there before most of the world’s major religions. It’s seen the rise and fall of kings and empires. None of the countries of the world were even really countries when that tree started as a little seedling. The world was very different when that mighty tree started to sprout. Much has changed. Almost everythign has changed.

But some things never change: love, family, hope, and, of course, trees. They’ve never gone out of style, and they never will.


Fairytales revisited

2018 5 12

There’s a lesser-known fairy tale than some more familiar ones in which a sweet young girl shares a cake with an old woman she meets at the well. Turns out that the old woman has magic powers (of course she does, it’s a fairy tale) and is so grateful for the young woman’s generosity that she casts a spell so that when the young girl breathes, roses fall from her mouth and when she walks violets spring up from the ground.

It’s a lovely fairy tale but I’m a wysiwyg kind of person. You know, what you see is what you get. I take things literally. So all I could think when I first heard the fairy tale, was: flowers everywhere?

Don’t know if I’d care for that, no matter how well-intentioned. I mean, wouldn’t you get tired of the same old flowers all the time? And the same scents, day in and day out?

And doesn’t it sound kind of messy? Just imagine trying to pop into a store quickly for a jug of milk and hearing “clean up on aisle 9” every single time!

I’m thinking the poor girl ended up living alone in the forest, away from people who surely chased her there when their houses, yards and streets were buried beneath all those flowers.

And I suspect she’s still there, waiting for her Prince Charming to come, kiss her, and release her from that witch’s spell.

After all, it is a fairy tale.

You thought last winter was long? Hah!

Do you ever want to escape to somewhere far away and exotic? Maybe to get away from winter? Or your next door neighbor’s noisy dog/kid/cat/whatever.

Well, it’s hard to get farther away or more exotic than the planet Uranus. Earth is the third planet from the sun, while Uranus is the seventh. You know what that means: it’s cold! (So you won’t get away from winter, you’ll be heading right into it! But what the heck, go for it.) In fact, Uranus is about -355 degrees! Yikes!

And I thought we were having a chilly spring this year.

Oh, and speaking of years, a year on Uranus (since it takes so long to get around the sun) is 84 times longer than ours. That means that winter on Uranus is 21 years long! 

Which gives everyone plenty of time to make a cup of cocoa and curl up with a good book. Or two. Or three. Or more.

Hot cocoa and good books are always wonderful.

Does that mean that if I lived on Uranus, I’d be uber successful as a writer? Hmmmmm……. When does the next rocket leave?

Words are Weird

Words are weird. Take the word periwinkle. It can mean at least four different things: 1) the color lavender-blue, 2) a flower that is lavender-blue, 3) a spiral-shelled mollusk, AND 4) to pry or drag something out from somewhere. So… you could periwinkle a periwinkle in a field of periwinkle-colored periwinkles.

And you thought writing was easy. I suggest you never write a story about periwinkles.

Now how about checking out my newest book. It’s number 2 in the Johns Falls clean small-town romance series and it’s titled A Very Black Cat because, as many of you know, one of the main characters is a small, black cat that may — or may not — be a familiar, a witch’s cat. Which do you think? (Hint — it’s a nice small-town romance but that’s no guarantee that strange things don’t happen in Johns Falls.)

In fact, wait for my next series of Johns Falls romances. I will call it a different series about the same town simply because these future books will be different. Not quite so lighthearted though still clean and wholesome because that’s what I write the most.

And Thursday, April 12, 2018 I’ll be a guest on Jo Huddleston’s blog so stop by and say ‘hi.’ I plan on dropping by myself every so often to see how things are going and answer any questions — and maybe ask a few myself.