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The Romance Genre… Or Not

I'm finally... finally... finally... ready to start marketing the second book of my Legend trilogy, Wolf Legend, about a psychic wolf.  Actually two psychic wolves, mother and daughter and the woman they share a mind link with. Marketing requires that I choose a category for my book.  I hate doing that.  Hate, hate, hate it!!!… Continue reading The Romance Genre… Or Not

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The Making of a Series

This post is partly to say 'hi' to my favorite people... readers of my blog... but it's mostly to try out a link to the web page that'll be very important for Spirit Legend for the week beginning April 8.  And to say a bit about how series are born.  At least, how mine was.… Continue reading The Making of a Series

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I recently joined a new group on Goodreads.  I don't belong to many groups and I'm very picky about the ones I do join.  But this one sounded interesting when I ran across the name.  So I took a look.  What's eco-fiction? As it turns out, eco-fiction is what I write.  Okay, it's one genre… Continue reading Eco-fiction

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Creating Characters

A long time ago, I bought a book that promised to describe forty-five compelling characters that I could use in my fiction.  As I read it, I realized that I knew someone who resembled each and every character it described. And there were forty-five of them!  Wow! But I realized something.  The author simply described… Continue reading Creating Characters

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Winning The Race

As you can see, I've changed my blog into a website with a blog component.  I did so to facilitate sales of my books now that Spirit Legend is out there and selling.  Feel free to check out the page Florence's Books that leads you to the buy links of both Amazon and Smashwords if you… Continue reading Winning The Race

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A while back I took a course on creating characters from a duo who are very respected in the writing field. I was all fired up because I wanted to learn how to create memorable characters. That's what the brochure promised. Memorable characters. The course turned ou to be everything the brochure promised. And it… Continue reading Characters

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Florence Witkop

Veteran romance writer Florence Witkop was born in the city and has lived in the suburbs, the country and the wilderness where she still lives and writes contemporary, sci/fi and fantasy romances with a gothic feel that are romantic without being erotic. At various times she's been a confession writer, a copywriter, a ghost writer… Continue reading Florence Witkop

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Sorry, folks.  I wrote this post and it disappeared.  Don't know where it went.  Don't know how.  Just that it's lost somewhere in cyberspace.  So, here it goes again.  Hope this time it stays.  Of course, this won't be a literal repeat of my first post but it'll be the gist of it.  It's about criticism. … Continue reading CRITICISM

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Is The Pendulum Swinging Back?

I'm showing this cover for a couple reason.  The first is that I like it.  Thanks NASA, I love looking through pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope and as soon as I saw it I knew this was right for my first on-line short story The Eye of The Universe.  (In case anyone wants to… Continue reading Is The Pendulum Swinging Back?

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Coming of Age as a Writer

When I first started writing professionally, I couldn't imagine what I'd write about.  Where I'd find inspiration.  Who my characters would be and what would happen to them.  As time passed and I discovered that a steady living as a writer could be had by writing confession stories, everything came clear.  I'd write about myself… Continue reading Coming of Age as a Writer