A Very Black Cat!

It’s done, sent to the publishers, and is now on Amazon!

I’m talking about my latest novel, of course, A Very Black Cat, and you can see the black cat on the fence if you look between the hero and heroine on the book cover. (Nice cover,  Cynthia! Thanks!)

A Very Black Cat (Johns Falls Book 2)

Here’s the link to Amazon to check it out for yourself.

So what’s it about? It’s the second in the Johns Falls series of clean, wholesome romances and here’s the back cover blurb:


Welcome to Johns Falls, Minnesota, where everyone knows everything about everybody, often before they know it themselves.

So it’s not surprising that two people who are falling in love are the last to know, even though everyone’s talking about their romance and asking them personally for the lurid, juicy details. (Of which there aren’t any because this is a clean, fun romance.)

But for the lovers to deny there’s a romance even after being told straight out that they are in love? That’s beyond belief.

Meet Becky, dedicated small-town career girl following her pre-determined course to be the best bookkeeper in the area and now, with the blessings of her boss and all-around nice guy Tobias Whittaker, she’ll also be a genuine business consultant with a framed diploma on the wall as soon as she finishes an online course that she’ll fail without help from someone who understands the nuances of the people side of small town businesses.

Enter Jackson, hunky, former football jock and newish, charismatic owner of the lumberyard in town whose charm can convince the must obstinate customer to buy something, whether that customer knew he wanted it or not, and whose boyish smile can subdue even the most stubborn heart but who can’t keep his books straight no matter how hard he tries.

Add one small, black cat with a mind of its own into the mix that’s not about to watch his two favorite people live without each other one second longer than necessary.

Then, along with the entire town of Johns Falls, Minnesota, sit back and enjoy the action.

Sound like something you’d like to read? Again, here’s the link to Amazon. And reviews are always appreciated!


Stardust Miracle by Edie Ramer

Stardust Miracle (Miracle Interrupted, #2)   Review:  Stardust Miracle by Edie Ramer

A nice read.  I admit that the only thing that drew me to this book was the fact that it appeared to be a contemporary romance with a supernatural element.  And that’s exactly what it was.  Since that’s what I enjoy writing, I wanted to see how other authors handle the same thing.  And I liked the cover.  It was colorful and, as anyone who reads my posts regularly knows, I like covers that are colorful in some way.  Bright or subtle, I prefer color over black and white.

It’s the story of a pastor’s wife trapped in a tepid, childless marriage who leaves when she finds him having sex with another woman and eventually finds love and a child with another man.

The story, in fact the whole book, is froth and sometimes that’s a good thing.  Not every book should convey emotionally deep, angst-filled messages.  The closest it comes is when it delves into the fact that the heroine has been told she will have a difficult time conceiving a child and may never become a mother.  She manages motherhood because she takes things into her own hands and deals with her situation.  But even with that issue, the author doesn’t delve deeply into the subject or emotions but lets it become a part of the story that she brings to a logical conclusion.

I like logical conclusions and I read this book while my husband watched his favorite CSI team pore over still another mangled body.  He’s not a romance junkie and I’d seen enough disconnected body parts on TV to last me a long time.  So I got out my Kindle and went looking for something to read.   As far as I’m concerned, even though I do like CSI, this romance hugely trumped mangled bodies. I appreciated this nice story with a happy ending.

Genre Fiction

I’ve been blogging about the craft of writing fiction for some time now.  I’ve been passing on tips learned from other writers and a few things I figured out on my own.  But I find that now when I sit down to write a post, the ideas no longer crowd each other in their need to be heard and read.  So I’ve decided to widen the scope of my blogs.  But how?  What else to say?

I write genre fiction.  Several genres, actually and often all are in the same book. Romance.  Sci-fi.  Small Town.  Paranormal.  Sweet.  Eco-fiction.  And probably a few more I haven’t heard of.  And I’ve learned that not everyone agrees on what belongs in which genre.  There are some generalities, but once you get beyond those general descriptions, genre fiction seems to be all over the place.

So I’m going to jump in head first and see what happens.  Okay, honesty compels me to admit that anything I jump into will more likely involve a belly-flop than a swan dive.  But you get the idea.

Any thoughts?  What genres do you read?  Which do you write?  Why?  Do you like cross-genre fiction?  What would you like to see done differently in the world of genre fiction?  Which genres would you like to see more of?  Less of?  Let me know and maybe we’ll get something going.

As a former first grade teacher, I know that sometimes when there’s  mud puddle in your path that calls out to you with a mesmerizing siren song, the best thing to do is hold your nose and jump in.  And enjoy the mud.

(Note:  It took me years to develop a tolerance for leeches, and guess where they live?  In the mud.  But that’s another story.)