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Messing Up Your Characters

Once, at a writers' meeting, a fellow writer said he was quitting the group. His explanation? He'd had a happy childhood. We all understood. Some of the best writers out there grew up in unhappy homes. Not all, but a lot. Those unhappy childhoods gave them both content and incentive to write great stories. I… Continue reading Messing Up Your Characters

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Try, Try, and Try Again

First, a little housekeeping. I'll be gone this week and might not be able to post to this blog. I'll try, but if there's nothing to read for the next few days, it's not because I don't love you, it's just that I'm unable to connect. I know, I know! I should write ahead. Some… Continue reading Try, Try, and Try Again

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Finding Eden by C Beavers Review of Finding Eden by Camilla Beavers This is the perfect example of a young adult urban fantasy story so I thought I'd review it here. And, by the way, I liked it. Most of all, I loved the cover. It's the story of Eden, a high school student close to graduation, who… Continue reading Finding Eden by C Beavers

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The Romance Genre Part 2

I started writing a review of Finding Eden, a young adult, urban fantasy romance. Then I realized it made more sense to first talk about young adult romances since they are a sub-genre of the romance genre, and to review Finding Eden after the sub-genre has been defined. So here's my take on young adult… Continue reading The Romance Genre Part 2

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The Romance Genre Part 1

Romance is the best-selling genre out there. And the largest. And the hardest to define. Wikipedia has a short, simple, to-the-point definition of romance.  According to wiki, Romance emphasizes love over libido. I'll go with that because it's a definition that answers a question I've had for quite some time about the romance genre. I wondered how… Continue reading The Romance Genre Part 1

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Space Junque by L K Rigel
 Review:  Space Junque by L K Rigel I liked this book enough to read it straight through. Though the book is complete in itself, (a wonderful and somewhat rare thing in a series), if you want to truly know what happens later, you must read the sequel. A generous portion… Continue reading Space Junque by L K Rigel

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The Science Fiction Genre Part 4

More about world building in the science fiction, fantasy and paranormal genres. Yesterday I wrote about world building for my wip, Earth Legend. I described a world similar in appearance to Earth but functioning differently. Such a world was needed for Earth Legend but it's not what most novelists think of when they hear the… Continue reading The Science Fiction Genre Part 4

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The Science Fiction Genre Part 3

I've been thinking a lot lately about world building because Earth Legend, my work in progress takes place on a space ship. The space ship in Earth Legend is intentionally designed to resemble Earth so that when the colonists, who have been in transit for up to a hundred years, reach their destination, they'll feel… Continue reading The Science Fiction Genre Part 3

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I’m A Best-Selling Author

Why do writers put their works out there in cyber-space for free? Why do they give away something they've worked so hard over? First, of course, they have something to say and if no one reads what they wrote, then why bother writing? But some do so because they believe, or have been told, that… Continue reading I’m A Best-Selling Author

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The Numbers Game

Mark Coker is one of my favorite writers.  No, he doesn't write fiction.  Or, as far as I know, anything with a truly creative flair.  What he does do is explain numbers without trying to skew them.  And that's a rare thing. Actually that's a huge thing, especially considering that he's the founder of Smashwords,… Continue reading The Numbers Game