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Journey from small towns to the depths of space and into the realm of fantasy, with stories that invoke and celebrate the wonder — and the fun — and the surprises of life and romance.

And always have a happy ending.


Spirit Legend

Spirit Legend: A Novel by Florence Witkop

Click here to buy from  Amazon What It’s About: Legend says a spirit lives in the lake in the center of a tract of wilderness purchased by Macallister Outdoors. While Charlie, first female forester for Macallister Outdoors, and Ian Macallister, owner of the company, are checking out the new property a horrific storm destroys the… Continue reading Spirit Legend

Shhh — Don’t Tell

Click here to buy from Amazon What It’s About: Recently jilted, Chloe Brown is back home in Johns Falls, Minnesota, working for her aunt selling furniture and other garden paraphernalia until she can recover emotionally, after which she’ll leave. When she discovers a family of Mallard ducks in one of the huge vases in the… Continue reading Shhh — Don’t Tell

A Very Black Cat

A Very Black Cat - Johns Falls Book #2 by Florence Witkop

o Welcome to Johns Falls, Minnesota, where everyone knows everything about everybody, often before they know it themselves. So it’s not surprising that two people who are falling in love are the last to know, even though everyone’s talking about their romance and asking them personally for the lurid, juicy details. (Of which there aren’t… Continue reading A Very Black Cat

Wolf Legend

Wolf Legend - A Novel by Florence Witkop

Click here to buy from Amazon What It’s About: Jane, who dislikes wolves because they kill her livestock takes Buck Portman, wolf researcher and wildlife professor at a nearby college she attends, to an island to seek out the huge wolves of legend … the dire wolves of prehistoric times … fishermen say they’ve seen… Continue reading Wolf Legend

Earth Legend

Earth Legend Novel by Florence Witkop

Click here to buy from Amazon What It’s About: Elle Olmstead isn’t your normal, every-day botanist. She’s different. As a descendant of Ceres, goddess of the harvest and fertility, she, like others of her family, has a magic touch with plants. Real, honest-to-goodness magic. Which is why she unwillingly stows away on the Destiny, a… Continue reading Earth Legend