Shhh — Don’t Tell

Shh... Don't Tell: A novel by Florence Witkop
Shhh… Don’t Tell: A novel by Florence Witkop

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What It’s About:

Recently jilted, Chloe Brown is back home in Johns Falls, Minnesota, working for her aunt selling furniture and other garden paraphernalia until she can recover emotionally, after which she’ll leave.

When she discovers a family of Mallard ducks in one of the huge vases in the outdoor portion of the store, her aunt agrees to let them stay because protecting the ducks is taking her niece out of her severe depression.

Soon Chloe meets Ryan, short-term, interim manager of the Johns Falls newspaper. The two agree to support each other during this temporary, small-town stage of their lives, after which they will happily leave Johns Falls and each other. They find themselves sharing confidences, but Chloe has sworn to protect the duck family and keep them safe, so she keeps their existence a secret lest Ryan write about them in the paper, because a story could bring unwanted publicity, too many visitors, and possibly danger.

But secrets have a way of being uncovered, especially by experienced reporters.

And love isn’t temporary.

Johns Falls: home of clean, wholesome, small-town romance:

Shhh — Don’t Tell is the first in a series of clean, wholesome small town romance. It’s a stand-alone book in a series of stories that take place in the fictional town of Johns Falls, Minnesota that can be read in any order.