Spirit Legend

Spirit Legend: A Novel by Florence Witkop
Spirit Legend: A Novel by Florence Witkop

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What It’s About:

Legend says a spirit lives in the lake in the center of a tract of wilderness purchased by Macallister Outdoors. While Charlie, first female forester for Macallister Outdoors, and Ian Macallister, owner of the company, are checking out the new property a horrific storm destroys the forest and the beaver dam that created the lake and strands them. Then they see a spirit and hear it sing. It’s real, it’s beautiful, and it will die when the lake drains dry. They resolve to patch the dam and save the lake and the spirit. As they work, they learn about the spirit and about each other, while deliberately ignoring the growing attraction between them because a romance between a boss and employee is always a bad thing. But some spirits can do more than just sing and look lovely. And romance has a way of developing even when it shouldn’t.

The 1999 Blowdown:

 The inspiration for the storm that isolated Charlie and Ian in the wilderness and destroyed the lake the spirit lived in was the July 4, 1999 storm that was the largest blow-down ever recorded in North America.  It devastated much of northern Minnesota. It only lasted about 20 minutes but the winds were in excess of 90 miles per hour.  It’s effects will be felt for a lifetime.  We were sitting in the kitchen that day when we saw dark clouds approaching.  As they grew nearer, it looked as if the earth itself was being lifted into the sky.  We ran for the basement.  Though we were fine, the wilderness was changed dramatically.  Our daughter, who was on a train shortly after the storm, told of looking out the train window for hours at a time and seeing trees that had been flattened by the storm. I cannot even imagine how many miles of forest were destroyed.  Even now, years later, we occasionally still see remnants of that storm.