Wolf Legend

Wolf Legend - A Novel by Florence Witkop
Wolf Legend – A Novel by Florence Witkop

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What It’s About:

Jane, who dislikes wolves because they kill her livestock takes Buck Portman, wolf researcher and wildlife professor at a nearby college she attends, to an island to seek out the huge wolves of legend … the dire wolves of prehistoric times … fishermen say they’ve seen there. She’s skeptical until a huge wolf runs through their camp and mentally connects with Jane and invites her to visit so they can sort out this strange mental phenomenon neither of them expected. Jane follows the wolf and Buck follows her into another world, another dimension, one populated by larger-than-life dangerous animals, including the wolves of legend. Her mental connection to the alpha wolf is all that keeps them alive in this dangerous world and when they return, at the request of the alpha female, they take with them an injured wolf pup to be healed. The pup heals nicely… but as it grows, will it remain a pet or will it become a dangerous predator in a world where it doesn’t belong? As the attraction between Jane and the professor grows, so do the problems inherent in having a huge, prehistoric dire wolf in today’s world.

Lake of the Woods:

The border between Minnesota in the US and Canada, where much of the story is set, contains a lot of water. Some of that water is in the form of a river but a lot is lakes. Lake of the Woods is possibly the largest lake between Minnesota and Canada and it’s filled with islands. Many, many islands. It’s a huge lake and it’s easy to get lost there. Boaters are advised to take ship-to-shore radios and/or satellite GPS locators. Normal cell phones don’t work because there are few towers in that vast, lonely area.