I love stories. I love to listen to stories. Watch them on TV, video, or movies. Read them. And write them. So I’ve been a writer since just about forever.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling author’ designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels. In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are romances that are action-adventure, science fiction, or paranormal. Sometimes all three combined. But the romance is always the heart of the story. Always. It’s the glue that holds the hero and heroine together as they get through whatever problems I throw at them.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or (ocasionally) futuristic, and they always end happily. Always. Guaranteed. And they all can be read as stand-alone stories even if they are part of a series.

If you follow me by clicking on the link, Amazon will inform you of my new books (if you allow such notifications): https://amzn.com/author/florencewitkop Or — you can learn about my currently published and upcoming books by clicking the link beneath the cover of each story. All my books published by Winged Publications are available free with Kindle Unlimited.

I hope you enjoy them.

Action-Adventure Romance with a strong sci/fi element (flying saucers, an elite secret group that patrols the solar system, and a romance between two of them)
Action-Adventure Romance with a sci/fi paranormal element
(they find a portal to other worlds and have adventures but other worlds can be deadly. Written and will be published a while after The Atlas Project, don’t know what the cover will be like)
Action-Adventure Romance with a strong paranormal element in the form of telepathy
(done and lined up to be published after Star Portal, don’t know about the cover)
Action-Adventure Romance with a moderate paranormal sci/fi element (plotted and started writing, will be published after Talk To Me, still considering possible covers)

Action-Adventure Romance that promises to be full of action. No sci/fi or paranormal. Plotted and a bit of writing done just to see how it goes. So far I like it! Will be published when it’s turn comes. Don’t know when that’ll be but it’ll happen and don’t know what the final cover will be like. I like this cover but I’m not a cover expert.
Action-Adventure Romance with a strong sci/fi paranormal element (2 kinds of aliens, a mind-reader, and a distant planet as green as Ireland)
Small-Town Romance (everyone knows black cats are special) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B07BTGN58M
Small Town Romance (how hard is it to live without modern conveniences and why should you and of course you fall in love with the guy who helps you survive without all those gadgets) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B07H1ZYMSP
Adventure Romance (survival after being stranded by a blizzard but she gets them to safety) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B0837WVVK2
Futuristic Action-Adventure Romance with a strong sci/fi paranormal element (a laid-back mind reader and a rigid military type in a tin can soaring through space)
Science Fiction/Paranormal Anthology (6 unrelated and wildy different short stories from 3 other-worldly genres)
Contemporary Romance with a strong paranormal element (a fun read if you like nice ghosts who don’t believe in being ‘responsible’) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B08VYR28N8
Time-Travel Romance (yes you really can jump through time) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B08KGN5YGC
Romance Anthology (12 different love stories of the wonderful women of the Midwest) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B09MMCJ6HD
Small Town Romance (she helps a hurting child, she’s sturggling herself, and he helps both of them) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B08B1QTYJK
Time-Travel Romance (I loved writing this sweet, clean romance)
Small-Town Romance with a strong paranormal element (dire wolves and another dimension, plus a huge, lovable pup) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B077WCSBB3
Action-Adventure Romance with a strong paranormal element (a spirit in a lake and the couple who save it) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B077TT5V53
Small Town Romance (a wilderness woman and her best friend from childhood find a lost boy) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B07TLZFVHJ
Action-Adventure Romance with a strong paranormal element
(adventure, supernatural spells, and a ghost that’s supposedly a witch) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B08NF6NWVL
Small Town Romance (inspired by the kids’ story, Make Way For Ducklings) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B077RMTT2C
Contemporary Fantasy Romance ( a short, fun angelic fantasy)
Tips For Better Fiction (stuff I’ve learned about the craft of writing fiction learned over the years) HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B00ERSOL2O
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