Stories of relationships, family, and friends that celebrate the wonder — and the fun — and the surprises — of love and romance in our beautiful world.



Welcome to Johns Falls, the small town in the northern Minnesota wilderness where everyone knows everything about everybody, often before they know it themselves.

Where it’s not surprising that the people busily falling in love may be the last to know, even when they are the very lovers everyone’s talking about and asking for the lurid, juicy details. (Of which there aren’t any because these are squeaky clean, fun romances.)

So join the residents of Johns Falls as they watch as their favorite couples fall in love.




SHHH — DON’T TELL     Click here to buy from Amazon.



A VERY BLACK CAT — available spring, 2018 

THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS–  available late summer, 2018




Every wonder what’s behind those legends you’ve heard ever since you were a kid, reading a borrowed book by the light of a flashlight, while hiding from your parents beneath the blankets in your bedroom with the door shut tight? (The books your parents would have been fine with — would probably have read right alongside you — if they’d known what you were doing because they are clean as a whistle, fun reads.)

So read these stories about such legends and the people and other beings that inhabit their worlds, only some of which are in the known universe. Stories that shed light on and tell the truth behind those ancient legends. Stories about the lives that are influenced and changed because of the truth behind those old stories. And, most of all,  read about the loves and romances that are as alive and as potent in those other-worlds as in our own, every-day universe.


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